Thursday, October 25, 2012

Farwell Tour of AZ Part 2

After the Grand Canyon we went to Flagstaff and stayed a night at a resort there.  It was probably the coolest hotel we've ever been to because there were stairs.  And three stories!  The kids loved it.  It's too bad we were so tired and only able to stay one night. 

The next day we drove to Sedona and had lunch with Chad's parents.  No time for hiking, but rest assured, we have spent many hours in Sedona hiking. It was a fun visit and a perfect rest stop as we moved on to our next adventure: A cabin near Prescott.

We proceeded to a cabin in the mountains south of Prescott to celebrate my mom's birthday.  It was fun, it was beautiful, and most of my family came.  Fun included Ruth falling out of a chair and head slapping for entertainment. 

My family is a fun group, let me tell you. It was great to see most of them so close to the time we had to move.  It will be hard to be so far away, but the great thing about family is we can always have fun when we are together.

I can't believe how much we did all in the space of five days.  I guess I'll just have to start my Massachusetts bucket list, because even if we stay five years, I doubt I'll be able to squeeze in everything I want to do over there.  So exciting!

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