Sunday, September 20, 2009

Training our boys...

A few months ago I blogged about arranging a version of the Star Wars theme for G-man to play. I finally took the time to do it so he could play it in our Primary's talent show. Here's a video at home. Its not perfect, but I didn't want to make him play it again. I also had to shorten it. I didn't want to wait the obscene amount of time it wast taking to upload the one over a minute long. I know some people upload longer videos...any tips?

The second video is Mr. S singing along. A little bit at the very beginning. I could not get a better video of him doing this. Every time he would see me with the camera he would stop singing and attack. Just more proof that we start the geek fest early at this house.

And here's a picture for those of you out there who are scared by clowns. Just trying to spice things up around here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five ways to entertain your toddler while sitting on your duff.

1. Peek a boo
2. Rough housing on the bed (laying on the bed while toddler crawls all over you. Minimal movement is the key).
3. Pat-a-cake and all other toddler finger play songs (itsy bitsy spider, bingo, popcorn popping, etc.)
4. Blowing raspberries
5. Joining in the high pitched screams while toddler runs down the hallway.

I was contemplating the games Mr. S and I were playing today. All involved me sitting on the floor in one spot trying to move as little as possible. I could excuse my laziness by the insane hour I wake in the morning or Mr. S unusually short nap which meant no nap for mommy. Or I could ponder this thought: these games are quite popular amongst most toddlers. Is it because toddlers like them or because mothers prefer to sit on their duffs?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome Guests!

Our house is old, and along with old houses come many years of old owners who did crazy things on the property. We must have had a mason who lived here once, or at least someone who knew a mason, because they did a few adobe additions to the house back in the 70s. At least that's what I guess from the wood paneling the the play room. The additions are pretty nice because they actually built them out of the same adobe brick that the rest of the house is built with. None of the cheap framing additions you see attached to nice brick houses. "Here, why don't we make this beautiful brick house look like crap by adding on some ugly framing." I complain but we'll probably do it when we finally close in the carport. Because we're cheap. Like everyone else. Now, on to the reason for my post. In addition to a family room in the back, a guest house was built on the side of the house. Its completely separate form the house. We share a corner and the living room window looks onto our back porch. It was in bad shape when we bought it. Every time we have a new renter move in we spend some time fixing up the place. When Jana moved in 4 years ago we ripped out the nasty carpet and painted. We also put in an A/C unit, new doors and windows while she was living there. When the pool guys started renting 2 years ago we ripped out the kitchen and didn't put it back in. They were only going to be there part time, they didn't need a kitchen right? They moved out in July, so we spent the past four weeks putting the kitchen back in, doing some touch up paint, redoing the shower. Here are some pics...A lease is signed and a renter is moving in tomorrow. After four weeks of spending almost every weekend working, often until midnight, it is nice to have some time to relax.