Friday, November 28, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Service Project

As part of our ward Christmas party, we all had the assignment to do some sort of service project. So, we and another family in the ward had signed up to help at a local Turkey Trot event. Man, the weather was going to be COLD!

Turns out, when you get a nice layer of ice overnight (one inch or less), people don't want to run around outside. So, we only got this picture after stopping by for some hot cocoa.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Leaves

The coolest part of having a real fall is the turning of the leaves and for the kids, the falling of the leaves. You really only get one chance at having fun in a pile of leaves, so might as well prepare for it!
The helmet was because they were riding bikes, NOT because the pile is unsafe.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gman turns Twelve

Gman finally turned the big 1-2. This is of course a major milestone: no longer in the kids organization Primary, gets the Priesthood and gets to pass the Sacrament at church, gets to go to the Young Men / Young Women activities (like ice skating, Temple Baptisms, etc.), and is totally free to babysit and earn money. He can do without the female part of the activities so far, but that will soon change I think.

So proud of the boy!

Mr S Finally Gets to Play Soccer!

Mr S has been wanting to play soccer, just like his older brother and sister. And he finally had parents who were able to put it together and sign him up.
Note the medal: He was wearing it for some days after the game; he was so proud of himself. He learned so many things playing soccer: how to kick and run (sort of), how to play with others, how to pay attention to what is going on, how to yell at your teammates to help them pay attention in the play. Hm, maybe not all of the things are great...