Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Little Bit of Crazy

I saw these on a blog I read and decided I had to try them. G's birthday was a perfect excuse to put way too much effort into something that I shouldn't eat anyway. So I made them for him to bring to his Kindergarten class.

They took a while to make and the edible ink pen I bought did not work well at all. It cost a lot of money too. I don't think I mixed the cake inside the pops long enough so they were a bit lumpy.

G's class thought they were so cute and really good. All in all I think they were a success. Chad thinks I'm a nut to put this much effort into something that someone is just going to eat. I think its fun despite all the work.

The Party

G-man is now six and to celebrate we invited some friends over for a Halloween birthday party. I have to write down what we did so I remember for the next time he makes me do this. I wonder how old he will be when having a Halloween birthday party won't be fun anymore.
We played a few games. First was chuck the candy corn at your friend's head/in the bucket. Then we tried to stick eyeballs onto a ghost using sticky eyeballs and a ghost painted on the hallway mirrored. This was followed by a lollipop ghost hunt in a dark room with flashlights. Next was bounce the eyeball into the cauldron (ping pong balls with irises painted on them). Probably the favorite game of the morning was the mummy game. Each kid took a turn getting wrapped in toilet paper. The fun part came when they tore out of their wrappings like raging monsters. We ended the fun with a spiderweb maze with candy
at the end. The funnest part of that was ripping down the spiderweb.

At each game the kids were given something to put in their party bag. We
made party bags out of paper bags and stickers. Apparently stickers don't stick to paper bags. Either that or I had some bad stickers. G-man's favorite games were the ghost hunt, mummy wrap, and spiderweb maze. The candy corn game was kind of a bust. All they wanted to do was eat the candy corns that missed off the ground.
We made our own pizzas and then had spiderweb cupcakes. I thought the cupcakes were cute.

It was a lot of work but G-man had a blast I couldn't stop telling me how much he LOVED his party. He even thanked Heavenly Father for his party in his prayers. I love making my kids happy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kiwi Quote of the Day

At dinner Kiwi was the first one to finish her salad. She was proud of herself and bragged to daddy that she beat him. So daddy said:
"What did you beat me with, a bat?"
"No, a fork!"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It was my birthday Sunday. Chad keeps telling me that I'm old. Well you're going to be 30 this summer buddy! You just wait! Sunday birthdays aren't my favorite. You can't go to restaurants and get free stuff.
The plus side of it was the primary SMP was Sunday. G-man did a great job and sounded so mature as he delivered his lines. Afterwards we left early to have lunch with the grandparents (both sets were there for it) which was a plus. Not that I don't enjoy going to church...
On a side note, Mr. S is now 6 months old. His newest thing is dumping his toys all over the floor. I think he likes to have a variety of things to slobber on. Either that or he saw his siblings trashing the playroom and thought he'd join in.
Next up is G-man's big day this weekend. We're throwing a party this year. Wish me luck.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Note to Self

Never, never, never, try to go to the zoo with three kids without husband again. It is hard to do and will leave you exhausted without actually having seen a single animal. Next time think about the work required to cart three kids through a bustling crowd of strangers. Remember to bring the camera and food, feed the baby before leaving the car, and get cell phone numbers so the opportunity to catch up with old friends isn't wasted. Don't take one kid to the bathroom at a time. If one goes, make all potty trained children at least attempt a bathroom break. Don't waste time buying food at the zoo. It takes forever and the food is crap! Be thankful for friends who stick with you and share food, watch kids while nursing the baby, and tell you you're a good mom when you're just about to lose it. Be thankful for double strollers that can be triple strollers in a pinch. You are not organized enough to do this on your own until the baby is at least taking a bottle. What were you thinking?!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Expanding Vocabulary

Tonight as G-man and Kiwi and I were jumping on the bed, I was being the Green Monster. I had a green blanket over me, and I was reaching out off of the ground to grab at their feet. Lots of fun was had by all. While we were playing, I kept hearing G-man say a word that sounded like a really bad word (the G-word); I thought, no, he wouldn't be saying that. So I asked him what he was saying, and sure enough, he was saying that. And then Kiwi started saying it; I presume they thought it was funny. So we had a quick talk about it and why it wasn't OK to say. The moment passed, and the fun resumed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It Begins!

I love the holidays. I love the decorations, I love the excuse to eat horrible food, I love being with family. October is my favorite because it starts it all off in our house with Halloween decorations. We have an awesome haunted house that was bought when G-man was a year old. It was fun to see Mr S get a chance to explore it. Surprisingly enough, it still works. Today we finished it off with some Halloween stickers. Fun times. The third child is always picked on.

Now on to the birthdays. I'll wish myself a happy birthday now, because that may be all I get. I'm usually upstaged by the G-man. He's having a friends party this year. Oh well, that's what you get with kids.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Pictures

We got some family pictures taken with Mr. S. We finally have some official proof that there are three kids in the family, and not just two. He was seriously underrepresented on the family wall of fame.

It is really hard to take pictures with three kids. I thought two were bad, but three is horrible. Finding a picture with all three smiling and looking at the camera was impossible. Mr. S really didn't want to sit still for these pictures. Mom and dad were practically doing backflips to get him to hold still for the kid pics. Of course those back flips distracted the other two. I think Kiwi is grimacing in concentration as she tries to remember to look at the camera, and not and mom doing her crazy dance for Mr S.

Then you add in the mom and dad issues. I have a huge smile, so I try not to overdo it in pictures. But then I don't smile enough so I just look grumpy. Plus Chad has a tendency to half close his eyes. Then heads are tilted at weird angles and my belly fat... ok, clearly I'm picky. Here are the ones that had the fewest number of complaints. I hate pictures.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Too busy

Way too much time has passed since my last post. Life has been super busy with School and work and everything. I still have a few more papers to write before the middle of the month, so I have to spend less time with the family to get it done.

We finally had a chance to work in the yard today, moving dirt around and getting rid of the large hill of dirt in the backyard. We are trying to get rid of the bermuda grass from around the trees, and the only real way to do that is to get down to the roots, which go down around a foot. Gives me some real exercise, since I don't do anything else. :)

The point of all of this is to not have the grass grow into the tree wells, and also so we can start a garden. The kids have been really interested in planting seeds, and have planted an olive from some trees around the church. Nothing growing yet, but that is how the watermelon plant started, and that turned into a large plant. They should have fun planting soon enough.