Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It was my birthday Sunday. Chad keeps telling me that I'm old. Well you're going to be 30 this summer buddy! You just wait! Sunday birthdays aren't my favorite. You can't go to restaurants and get free stuff.
The plus side of it was the primary SMP was Sunday. G-man did a great job and sounded so mature as he delivered his lines. Afterwards we left early to have lunch with the grandparents (both sets were there for it) which was a plus. Not that I don't enjoy going to church...
On a side note, Mr. S is now 6 months old. His newest thing is dumping his toys all over the floor. I think he likes to have a variety of things to slobber on. Either that or he saw his siblings trashing the playroom and thought he'd join in.
Next up is G-man's big day this weekend. We're throwing a party this year. Wish me luck.

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