Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bimmer Repairs, Part 1

Of course, the loud noise coming from the passenger window didn't sound good. Then, the window got stuck down. Hm, not so cool in the cool weather. The wood shim helped keep the window up, but really, why have a nice car if it looks all ghetto? Off to the Bimmer Forums! The best part about the loyal/crazy Bimmer owners is that they love to talk about their cars. So, I found the answer to my problem, but it required some real car work, which is not something I have done before.

Instead of a repair at the shop for hundreds of $$s, I got the part for $50, and we won't talk about my hourly rate. Now when the other windows go out (which is likely, thanks to the forum users), I can do it all myself and have a working car in no time.