Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Equipment

We have finally bit the bullet: we pulled the trigger on a swing, and justified it as a b-day present for Kiwi. But, I didn't want some little tiny thing that only the under-fives could use. No, I finally found the perfect one at the perfect price. And wow, having it delivered, it was astounding how heavy it was. And after a full day of working on it, which of course implied a few missteps, we got it up.

Now, after of month, the kids are loving it. G-man even has had issues doing his homework, as he would rather play on the swing. And, he finally has figured out how to swing. Kiwi has long since figured that out, but she has always loved swinging. Mr S and JW are also great at swinging, and JW does a wonderful job of holding tight to not fall off.