Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kiwi turns 7

Way back in me a slacker. I'm taking a year off because next year is BIG.  I'm already dreading the thought of it.  This year was simple, with family and a DISGUSTING cake.  I hate to admit it since I made it myself.  I went for a Pinterest idea that looked easy.  Kiwi picked out a rainbow cake mix.  That combined with the Kit Kats and M&M's was not a winning combination.  But it looked cute :)

Kiwi's still cute as ever, growing into quite the beautiful little girl.  The latest things going on in her life are:
A new school and friends that she has finally learned to love.
Gymnastics and a newfound love of headstands.  She's getting pretty good and is now asking for a mat so she can practice without getting a headache.
She has now lost two teeth.  The second involved a lot of whining, crying, cajoling and finally bribery. 
She's grudgingly learning to play the piano.  She would love it if it didn't involve practicing.  

She loves music on the radio.  She sings songs with her friends and they make up dances to them.

She's fiercely independent, demanding to do things on her own terms and at her own pace. 
She's a nurturer at heart, always helping those smaller than her. 

So Happy Birthday cutie girl.  I love you to pieces!

Great Grandma Cox

My grandma passed away last week. She was just a few days past 94.  She's my mothers mother, and I've always been closer to my mom's side of the family.  It probably has something to do with the fact that my dad's mom passed when I was only 15.  It's hard to keep an extended family strong when the mom is gone.  It also probably has to do with the fact that I see so much of my self in my mother and in her mother.  I probably would see much of myself in my mother's mother's mother.

   We Cox ladies are a fairly particular set.  We like things to be how we like them to be and we get pretty upset when it doesn't go the way we hope.  We work hard and we play hard.  Beware of playing cards with us.  You might end up with the deck in your lap  Although I think that trait may have skipped my mom. 

My grandma was the wife of a farmer.  Life was hard.  She canned, she baked bread, she gardened, and she sewed.  She also was a teacher, working at the local elementary school for many years. She served a mission for our church with my grandpa. She also traveled, seeing much of the world, with or without my grandpa.  If the farm wouldn't let him go, she planned trips without him.

I love my grandma.  She did so many things that are just dreams to me right now. I was named after her oldest child who died at birth.  My daughter was named for her mother.  I hope to live up to the legacy she left me and pass it on to my daughter too.  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

G-man Flag Football

G-man has found that his favorite sport is flag football. We enrolled him in the YMCA Flag Football, and he has been having a great time. The coach is great at getting all the boys in the game, as they get in and play a set of plays, and then rotate. It works out really well, as they are running constantly and the other teams seem to get worn out fast.

G-Man's Pinewood Derby, Year 2 of 3

I failed to post this last month. But, G-man finished his second Pinewood Derby race. He did much better, as I figured out how to get the wheels to work a bit better and purchased a few more supplies to make it all work better. Still, only tied for second in his den, with only three of them. Better than last, I say.
I took horrible pictures this year too, so this is the best shot of him I have.
Here's hoping that next year is the best yet.