Friday, November 19, 2010

First Bobcat

G-Man is finally old enough for Cub Scouts. He is excited to get into scouts. Who wouldn't want time to play with friends and get out of the house for non-school activities from time to time? Here he is in in brand-new scout shirt, that Mommy stayed up late to sew on the patches.
 At the pack meeting, they introduced G-Man as the newest Bobcat. He got to the front of group, and I got to paint his face with the Native American inspired face markings.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

But what about the baby?!

Chad failed to mention in the last post that there was another star this past weekend. We blessed Little J at our church the day after G-man's baptism. He IS a rock star, mostly because his faux hawk has grown to be a good three inches long. And it stays standing straight up.
This is how his hair stood for the entire baptism. I was left at home with the task of getting three kids to the baptism on time. When Chad left (about 35 minutes before it was set to start), JW wasn't dressed, Kiwi's hair wasn't done, and S was still napping. Luckily my brother and his family came by to get themselves dressed and Lacy very kindly helped. I wouldn't have made it there on time without her. But J's hair didn't get combed. Oh well, that's life. The more it sticks up, the more head rubs he gets from complete strangers.
Here he is in his outfit. I didn't get a good picture of him dressed up at all. I ordered the suit online and the neck and tie were way too small. So I went to some stores in town trying find something that would fit. Nothing would. He has no neck due to his copious amounts of neck fat. So the top button was left undone and the tie was held on by a safety pin. I think it kind of makes him look like he's sporting some bygone disco fashions. This picture was actually taken after the baptism. Since all the family pictures from the previous post were actually taken after the blessing, I thought it would be appropriate to put this one on. Plus, I love it. My SIL Liz took all the pictures except for the top one (you can tell by the picture quality). I am so grateful to her for bringing her camera and being willing to take pictures. It's so hard to think about busting out the camera when you're busy trying to organize two large extended families. Thank you to everyone who came and for traveling to see the momentous weekend in our family.

Monday, November 8, 2010

G-Man's Most Special Day

G-Man hit a milestone in life: baptism. Since this is such a major event, that nearly all of the extended family on both sides came down for the event.

But the main event was the baptism. I am so proud of my oldest and the choices he has made. The best part is that the water level in the baptismal font was so low, that G-Man had to lay flat, and I had to push his feet under the water to get him fully immersed. But still, a memory to cherish.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween, 2010

Halloween: Best time for a sugar high and the resulting crash.

G-Man wanted to be a ninja for Halloween. He has to clarify when people ask that "it is a red dragon ninja." Yes, you have to be specific with him.
Kiwi has to be something really girlie, of course. She was a Fairy Queen or Fairy Princess, depending when you asked and if G-Man was around. We forgot the wings for actual trick-or-treating, so mostly it was a princess. There isn't a picture of the hair, but trust me, there was much screaming involved, so it was ornate. :)
Mr S was very adamant about not getting his costume on when we were getting ready to go to the trunk-or-treat. Once we got there, he was willing to put it on, for the sake of getting candy. The tradition for the boys is to be Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.
And last but not least, our cutest candy-grubber, JW. Who knew Skeletons could be so darn cute? I think he senses that he wasn't going to get any candy.