Monday, November 8, 2010

G-Man's Most Special Day

G-Man hit a milestone in life: baptism. Since this is such a major event, that nearly all of the extended family on both sides came down for the event.

But the main event was the baptism. I am so proud of my oldest and the choices he has made. The best part is that the water level in the baptismal font was so low, that G-Man had to lay flat, and I had to push his feet under the water to get him fully immersed. But still, a memory to cherish.


J. Peter said...

Trouble filling the font eh? I remember a time on my mission when there was no running water at the church so we got the whole neighborhood out doing a bucket brigade from a house down the street to fill the font. Needless to say we stopped short of the usual waist high depth and so we had to really push people down into the water for that one.

TrishAnderson said...

I was only slightly confused for a second, then I realized that Chad obviously posted this. Congrats Gregory. Great event indeed!!!

Luann said...

I felt bad for the kid who had to be dunked three times. They stopped after the second failed attempt and put more water in, thank goodness. Although I think the boy getting baptized thought it was pretty cool.