Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kiwi turns Nine!

This picture says it all. At the age of 9, Kiwi has gone full on "freak out whenever I see cute things" mode. Babies, dogs, cats, stuffed animals of all sorts (especially Beanie boos as seen above). I'm definitely a fan of this phase. The longer I can keep her a little girl and as uninterested in teenage things the better. She's getting a taste in her love for Taylor Swift music, but so far still a sweet, fun, kind, and caring little girl. She still has her drama, but I can't imagine that getting worse (knock on wood).

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Love you to pieces :-)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

I got creative this year for Valentine's Day. Thankfully G-man has aged out of the class valentine tradition, so I only had to provide two varieties. Lego Star Wars for Mr. S who wrote and cut the cards himself. He made me find a girl Jedi for the girl cards. Because it matters when you're in Kindergarten.

Kiwi went for cute, with adorable penguins she and our neighbor decorated together. Definitely one of my favorite Valentine cards I've done.

 I even managed a cookie decorating party at a friend's house with JW. I love his friend W doing what kids do when decorating cookies. Just go straight for the mouth with that frosting. Why bother with the cookie?

I think this year was a win for V day. Although I have no record of what Chad and I did for each other. It was our 14th Valentine's day together. Does it even matter anymore?

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Kiwi made a really great friend in school who was visiting for a year from South Korea. She went home at the beginning of February. It was hard to see her go. But, thanks to modern technology, she and Kiwi are able to keep in touch through email, Face time, and text. We now know South Korea is 13 hours ahead of Boston, which makes for some late night conversations, but still worth it. Who wouldn't want a pen-pal that lives in South Korea?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

G-man's Cold Weather Camping

G-man first experience in camping in the snow was for the a Klondike Derby competition in New Hampshire. I had to go along for two reasons: G-man is not old enough to go with out a dad, per the policy, and I happen to be one of the assistant Scout Masters. So I got to experience all of the crazy that they did. The night sure was cold, and the one advantage was that we were staying in a cabin instead of in the open, but the stoves where a bit beyond the leadership's ken in getting going for the night.
I didn't take too many pictures (see note about temperature above), but I did (try) to get a action shot of one of the competitions. Oh, boy scouts and their love of throwing axes!
By lunch, it was no longer feeling cold, so the walking around the Klondike Derby was a nice change from the overnight experience.