Sunday, February 2, 2014

G-man's Cold Weather Camping

G-man first experience in camping in the snow was for the a Klondike Derby competition in New Hampshire. I had to go along for two reasons: G-man is not old enough to go with out a dad, per the policy, and I happen to be one of the assistant Scout Masters. So I got to experience all of the crazy that they did. The night sure was cold, and the one advantage was that we were staying in a cabin instead of in the open, but the stoves where a bit beyond the leadership's ken in getting going for the night.
I didn't take too many pictures (see note about temperature above), but I did (try) to get a action shot of one of the competitions. Oh, boy scouts and their love of throwing axes!
By lunch, it was no longer feeling cold, so the walking around the Klondike Derby was a nice change from the overnight experience.

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