Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Funeral

We braved the 12 hour trip to my Grandma's funeral.  It's a long, grueling drive, especially with four kids.  But do you know what makes a 12 hours trip even worse?  Sick kids!  We had pukers starting about 6 hours in and it continued all weekend.  After 12 hours of driving, only Kiwi and I were able to attend the funeral.  So that really sucked.  But I want to remember two things that made the trip totally awesome. 

My family:  Almost my entire family was able to stay in my cousin's home.  My BIL had to stay home to work.  We missed having him. The house was huge, so every family had their own room.  My family was so gracious and kind about the stomach flu we brought with us.  I was ready to head back home.  No one wants the stomach flu right? I am so glad they wanted us to stay.  We had fun talking, playing games, and letting the cousins play.  It was wonderful!

The Snow: It snowed the day after the funeral.  That's something my kids don't see often. Maybe once a year, if we get our act together to drive up the mountain. We hadn't done that this year. There was a little hill in back we slid down. Then me, my sister, and brothers had a snowball fight!  Boys against girls, just the siblings.  My favorite memory of the trip.  I discovered I'm not a team player.  I tended to run away as Ruth got pummeled with snow.  Sorry Ruth.  I guess I deserve a few snowballs in the face.  So much fun.

Because we were sick, we didn't get to see much of my cousins or aunt/uncles. But I am so grateful for the time with my family to be reminded how much fun we can have together. 

Pictures of the Snow:
Sledding with uncles, aunts, and cousins

Grandma and Grandpa's grave

The temple in the snow