Sunday, September 20, 2009

Training our boys...

A few months ago I blogged about arranging a version of the Star Wars theme for G-man to play. I finally took the time to do it so he could play it in our Primary's talent show. Here's a video at home. Its not perfect, but I didn't want to make him play it again. I also had to shorten it. I didn't want to wait the obscene amount of time it wast taking to upload the one over a minute long. I know some people upload longer videos...any tips?

The second video is Mr. S singing along. A little bit at the very beginning. I could not get a better video of him doing this. Every time he would see me with the camera he would stop singing and attack. Just more proof that we start the geek fest early at this house.

video video

And here's a picture for those of you out there who are scared by clowns. Just trying to spice things up around here.


Rulon and Toni said...

Love the videos and thanks for the fun escape today.

The Olsen Crew said...

Totally awesome!! I LOVE it! What a big boy :) Thanks for sharing

Renee said...

Your baby is super cute. Seriously. And I am in awe of your son. How cool that he's not afraid of the talent show. My kid is "too shy" for anything.

By the way, have you looked into vimeo for your video uploads? I like it. I've only used it twice but it was sooooo easy, and I'm a real dunce at stuff like that usually.

witticism here said...

I wish you weren't in Tucson because how fun would it be for you to give my kids piano lessons??

Ok, I am done whining.

camfox said...

Way to go, arranging a version of the Star Wars theme! You're a really cool mom.