Saturday, October 27, 2012

Double Digits

In the middle of all the crazy moving stuff, G-man turned 10.  Let me repeat.  G-man turned TEN!  I have a kid in double digits! It just blows my mind. 

We had an awesome ten year old party.  We borrowed some TV's and Wii's from friends, and had a video game party.  Three TV's, three game consoles, everyone brought their own remote.  It was awesome.  Ordered some pizza, made some cupcakes.  BOOM! There's your party. 

G-man had a lot happen this year.  He left his school he'd been attending for three years.  His classmates didn't change much in those three years.  He left behind some good friends.  He skipped a grade when we moved to the school.  Now he's changing schools again.  I worry about how he'll handle it, but based on past behavior, I'm sure he'll sore.  A few words to describe G: SMART, mellow, friendly, empathetic, soccer player, Wii champion, lego builder, book reader. I love you soon.  Stop growing so fast!

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