Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Fate of The Chickens

Since we are moving to a much colder climate, we determined the chickens would not be coming with us. Luckily it seems chickens are not too hard to give away, especially if they come with a coop and food and all that is required to keep them. 

The Lines had been talking about getting chickens for a while (kind of like us) and were more than happy to take them off our hands. We lost another to a coyote just a few weeks before we left. It was the Nutmeg, second one of our originals. She was nearing the end of her laying life, so it wasn't too upsetting.

Here are a few pics of the girls making themselves at home in the Lines' backyard.
Snowball, Pepper, and Belina taking a dust bath
From left to right: Snowball, Paprika, Buffy, Pepper, and Belina
There was a slight mishap the first day there.  The family dog made his way into the fence and bit Snowball's tail off.  It was pretty sad to see, but she's a pretty feisty bird and pulled through. I sure do miss those gals. I would love it if we could find a property and raise chickens again.  They are the best pets.

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