Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pierced Ears!

Kiwi got her ears pierced! As a little girl, I was not allowed to get my ears pierced until I was 12.  I decided to allow Kiwi to get her's pierced when she turned 8 in February.  Then I decided I would let her do it for Christmas so she could pick out earrings for her baptism. Then we decided to move and I wanted to do it early with my sister on our semi-annual "meet in Casa Grande and go shopping for clothing for our birthdays" trip.

Before under the Claire's sign with Aunt Ruth
Kiwi does not handle pain well and we talked a lot about the fact that it would hurt.  I told her she only could do it if she was brave enough to handle it.  She must have really wanted pierced ears because she let the lady pierce her second ear after getting the first done.
Happy Kiwi, ready but nervous
Don't you love the random lady in the background?  I need to learn how to photo shop.

She was so brave and held still as the tears fell.  There was lots of hand holding followed by hugs and cuddles (after the picture).  Now if I can just convince her to pull out her tooth!

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