Monday, October 15, 2012

Piano Recital

This year I struggled to get a piano recital done.  I usually do it April/May time frame.  But with rampant sickness and Chad traveling more it just didn't happen.  So finally I decided we were having one in September, no matter what.  It was scheduled, the kids were preparing.

One week before the recital, Chad accepted the Boston job.  I am so grateful I didn't get my act together to get the recital done sooner.  It was a wonderful time to be with friends and see the fruits of my labors as a piano teacher.  I also was able to see the fruits of my efforts to get my own kids to practice. I do not teach them.  I trade with a friend and we have a combined recital. I love to teach and hope these kids find a love for music like I have.

G-man and Kiwi's performances. Hopefully we can find a good teacher in Boston!

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