Monday, November 19, 2012

Part 2, or New Hampshire Vacation

After flying 3 1/2 hours from Dallas to Boston, with a touch down in St. Louis (HI SARAH J), we hopped in a car for the three hour drive to North Conway New Hampshire.  Go to Housing Troubles if you have no idea why we would be driving to NH.

For those of you who live in a hole, let me remind you that this was once week post Hurricane Sandy the news was saying.  So when we exited the airport to find snow starting to fall from the ground, some people were freaking out (cough*Luann*cough).
Snow outside McDonald's
Thankfully more rational opinions prevailed and we did not turn back and stay the night in a Holiday Inn Express somewhere along the way.  Once we were in NH, it was not even raining, and it was smooth sailing all the way to the resort.

Now, if you were fresh from AZ in a new state way up north where it was cold and it got dark at 4:30 every day (ugh) what would you do with yourself?  If you answered "Watch a lot of TV' than you got it right!  But we did other things.
 We climbed rocks
 We played in leaves
 We walked to a pond
 We walked in the woods.
 We learned to skip rocks
We played hide and seek

And we waited until it was time to move in. It's hard to wait.  But moving in was much harder.

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Jenn and Kylann said...

Those pictures make me miss it out there! We would go camping in the White Mountains in NH every summer! We hope someday to be out there again. How are you guys adjusting to the cold?