Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Interlude to Act II, part 1 or Dallas Vacation

If Act I was our time as an Evans Family in Tucson (6-29-2001 to 11-5-2012), then we don't start Act II until 11-15-2012, when we actually have a place to live. The interlude takes place in Dallas, TX and Bartlett, NH. This post is the Dallas portion.

We visited my sister and her family while here. She works in a hotel, and got us a steal of a rate for a suite. It was only for a full day, so not enough time, but we took what we had. I think we wore out the little ones. But they were sooo much fun for all.
Not clear who is having the most fun, JW or J?
Kiwi keeping the twins locked inside
And a trip to the park was a nice adventure. No one fell into the gross lake water, despite a few attempts by JW. G-man had the most fun, I think:
Digging out who-knows-what at the lake

And the requisite group photo. If you take enough pictures fast enough, you end up with one that is not half bad, considering the subjects.

Gman, S, Mr S, JW, J, Kiwi

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