Monday, November 5, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

You find yourself in the following situation: You have to move your family nearly 3,000 miles due to pressing circumstances (e.g. job, weather, etc.). What is the best way to accomplish that:

a. Drive like crazy people with a minivan and rental truck with only two drivers, for over 50 hours, crossing half of the states.
b. Fly like a bird, ship the stuff and cars, and hope the kids can handle a (relatively) short airplane trip.

If your answer was A, you have not traveled with kids.

So, pack baby pack.
You can't tell from the picture, but we managed to get down to 12 linear feet (1' X 8' X 9'). Still too much stuff, but better than the estimated 20' of the quote. Good thing they only charge by the linear foot. The best part is that we had a lock on the bulkhead, and by the time we got to Boston and needed to unlock it, I had to buy a new "key":
It was faster to use this key than the one that came with the lock.

And lastly, we had to get a rental car for the last weekend we were in Tucson, since our cars left on Friday November 2nd, and we left on Monday November 5th, we made two trips to the airport to drop off people and stuff. Mr S and I wondered the Tucson International Airport, and found all sorts of interesting things. Including the hidden planes (or planes designed into minor decorations). Look closely at the stairs, and you can see them. Mr S thought that was pretty cool to find.
And to wrap up the adventure in Tucson, with only a little bit of tears shed on the flight out, here are the kids having a great time looking at the planes:

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