Sunday, November 4, 2012

Housing Troubles

True to form, nothing we ever do can be done easily.  Due to the fact that we were living on the other side of the country, finding housing in MA was an issue.  Chad had a week of on site training beginning of October.  His one goal during that week was to find us a place to live.  Here were our requirements:

3 or more bedrooms
no less than 2 bathrooms
Lead free
No more than 30 minutes from work
Something that is not more than double our current mortgage

Seeing as we were moving to a place that has been around since the beginning of the country, there are lots of homes with lead paint.  Finding a place with two bathrooms is hard.  Plus, housing prices here are INSANE! Balancing price with distance was difficult.  So Chad had his work cut out for him.  But he found an awesome place:

We don't actually live in this side of the townhouse

So here's the good news and bad news:
Good news: We found a place that meets all you requirements
Bad news: Someone else had already applied
Good news: The other side of the townhouse will be available November 15th and rent will be less because the kitchen isn't upgraded.
Bad news: We were planning on being there November 7th
Good news: We just upgraded our time share to include RCI so we could do an exchange for a week at a resort in the area.
Bad news: There are no resorts in the area.

We found a resort in New Hampshire that was 3 hours away.  It wasn't perfect, but when you're homeless, you take any option you can get.

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