Friday, October 17, 2008

Note to Self

Never, never, never, try to go to the zoo with three kids without husband again. It is hard to do and will leave you exhausted without actually having seen a single animal. Next time think about the work required to cart three kids through a bustling crowd of strangers. Remember to bring the camera and food, feed the baby before leaving the car, and get cell phone numbers so the opportunity to catch up with old friends isn't wasted. Don't take one kid to the bathroom at a time. If one goes, make all potty trained children at least attempt a bathroom break. Don't waste time buying food at the zoo. It takes forever and the food is crap! Be thankful for friends who stick with you and share food, watch kids while nursing the baby, and tell you you're a good mom when you're just about to lose it. Be thankful for double strollers that can be triple strollers in a pinch. You are not organized enough to do this on your own until the baby is at least taking a bottle. What were you thinking?!


Debbie's said...

Oh that's so ironic... I braved the Cincinnati Zoo alone with my 3 kids today! The "no longer nursing" thing is probably what made all the difference! That, and bribing the kids with the train and carousel rides, which don't exist at the Tucson zoo. I'm sorry it was crummy! Try again when the baby's weaned :)

Katy Asher said...

You ARE a good mom!