Monday, July 22, 2013

J Dub's Third Birthday

 You know, if I was JW and this had been my birthday, I would have loved it. All his favorite things, rolled into one day. We started with personalized chocolate chip pancakes.
 Followed by a train ride (subway) downtown.  We traveled on the orange line, then got on the blue line. A subway ride without going on at least two lines is not a real subway ride.
This was followed by a boat ride across the harbor to see another boat. Oh and during the ride we saw a huge Coast Guard boat.  That was an exciting find.
Then, Grandma hurt her knee climbing a million stairs (294 to be exact), we couldn't find a place to eat, it was really hot...Luckily three year olds don't have to walk and can take naps in strollers to pass the time.

Did I mention Grandma and Grandpa were in town? Two of J's favorite people and our first Arizona visitors.  So much fun!

 We'll skip ahead to the fun part.  Cupcakes, presents, and games with friends.
 " Mom, leave me alone, I want to put my stuff back in the awesome elephant backpack I got from Great Aunt Cathy." 
"Thank You."

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