Saturday, September 25, 2010

Baby Love

Baby J, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways...I love the way you cross your eyes when you're concentrating. You're trying so hard to figure out what that camera is all about. It's lucky you haven't figured out how to work your hands well enough to grab it.
I loved watching you learn to suck your thumb. It kept you entertained for days, and now that you know how to do it, you have started to sleep through the night. Let's just hope you don't love it too much in the future. I'd hate to have to break out the Tabasco sauce.
I love your crazy hair that stands straight up no matter how much I comb it. I love your rolls, your rubber band wrists, and the dimples on your hands, elbows, and knees. You're so squeezably soft, I'm surprised I haven't popped you yet.I love your sweet squinty eyed, dimpled smile. I love how easy it is to make you smile. I love to watch you try so hard to talk to me. Don't worry, you'll learn how to work those vocal chord better soon enough. It's fun to listen to you experiment with them.
I also have to admit that I love to torture you little baby. I couldn't convince you to like the hat or the chair, but you were so cute crying there, I had to snap a photo. I hope you forgive me someday for all the crazy things I have done and will do to you in the future.

I like to tell people that if babies weren't so cute, we'd throw them out the window. They are a lot of work and sometimes I'd much rather stay in bed than go feed you, thank you very much. I think our Father in Heaven knew what he was doing when he created these little things. I am thankful every day for this sweet little guy, and I am sad to see how fast he's growing. Babyhood doesn't last nearly long enough.


Andy and Sara said...

I want to see him! He is SO cute. Great post Luann.

TrishAnderson said...

Except for the thumb sucking I felt like I was reading something of my own. I love how the big smiles can take away the anxiety of the screaming that happened for the 10 min prior. And how all of the late nights are made alright by the sweetness of the sleeping baby - when she finally falls asleep, I should say.

lyz's world said...

aaaaw! very heart felt post! thank you for sharing!

paul and lacy ebert said...

I feel the same with my Aubrey! Except I dont want her to grow anymore! She is perfect in every way! I will forever miss her as a baby!