Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Out with the Girls: Hike up Camelback

On Friday and Saturday I met up with some of my college friends. We have realized we are close to the age of 30 and showing it. Most of the time was spent talking. I don't know why we expected to do much more. That is really all we ever did in the dorms "reading scriptures." It was fun to catch up on what everyone was doing, how many kids everyone had, and marvel at the awesomeness of Sara pulling 30 hour days as she finishes medical school at Mayo. I do regret the lack of flip flop fights and Ben and Jerry's. Plus we were in bed by mednight. Where's my 4am ladies? huh?

The highlight for me was a hike up Camelback mountain. My goal was to start a hike and finish it, without taking all day doing it or having to lug one or two children up and down the mountain. We started with six and about a third of the way up the three with babies (two inside and one out) dropped out. It was a fabulous hike with steep inclines and marvelous views. Sara tried out her rock climbing skills to the terror of myself and all other passing hikers. I was saying some very "30" phrases at that point. Then we got to shove people out of the way as we ran down the mountain 30 minutes past the planned rendevous time. I felt a bit out of shape hiking with the likes of Katy the marathon runner and Sara the former track star. I was the only one that ended up bleeding after I decided to punch a rock that was in my way (punching it didn't really help).

I really had a blast and wasn't ready to go home. Plans are to do it again in two years, only bigger. I'm thinking maybe the Grand Canyon...anyone game?

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TrishAnderson said...

What a great hike. I forget that you & Katy know each other.