Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To Cathy

Chad has a really awesome Aunt named Cathy. Cathy likes to give gifts. We have gotten some cool gifts from Cathy: Light up pepper grinder, corn on the cob handles, flip flop socks (they covered the feet but not the toes), a giant gingerbread coloring house, an alligator pasta server....The list goes on and on. Some stuff was more useful than others, but it was always fun to get stuff from Cathy. A few years ago she had to stop her gift giving ways due to health problems. But, I wanted her to know that her legacy lives on.
Meet Cathy. This is Kiwi's comfort item. It was given to Kiwi by Aunt Cathy for her 1st birthday (I think). At the time the doll was bigger than she was. We decided to name her after GAC (Great Aunt Cathy) to show our appreciation for the gift. I think Kiwi loves this doll more than mommy sometimes. Cathy has been hugged many times and absorbed many tears. She is a great stand in at those times when Kiwi or mommy are just too dang mad to comfort each other.
Aunt Cathy, you are often on my mind thanks to this doll. I hope you and Mike are doing well.

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Episode Experts said...

Awww... Hunter or Vanessa, I don't remember which had one of those dolls too. She was named Cinnamon due to the color of her hair and outfit. Sadly, Cinnamon is long gone.