Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poor G

G-man love school more than any kid I know. He goes to all day Kindergarten and would probably stay longer if they would let him. It doesn't matter that most every thing is a review for him (he has learned some history and sign language). I would have thought he would be bored by now. I have to document this so I can show him when he gets older and doesn't want to go anymore.
When told he will be missing school next Wednesday so we can get an early start on Thanksgiving, he was crushed. He bravely held back the tears and asked if we could wait to leave until after centers. He has art that day. That is his least favorite center. When I said we could not wait, he burst into tears and said "but I love school. I don't ever want to miss school!" I asked if there was anything we could do at Grandma's that would make up for it. He assured me through his tears that he likes school more than anything.
I could probably convince him with the promise of a brownie sundae or something. That just seems wrong. I'm not about to resort to bribery to convince my kid NOT to go to school.


Debbie's said...

Oh that's so sweet! I agree- may our kids always be so enthusiastic about attending school!

Carly said...

That is amazing, I say go with it as long as you can. You can tell him he is making such a big sacrifice for the family by leaving early. Make sure you tape his begging to show him if he ever gets caught ditching in high school!