Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tummy "Torture" Time

Here is Mr. S enjoying, for a few moments, what I like to call Torture time. For some reason, my kids have never been too fond of spending time on their tummies when small. Maybe its because they can't hold their heads up very well, and getting their huge noggin up a few inches requires monumental effort. Then, when they finally lift it up, they end up smacking their nose on the ground when their neck finally gives out.

He's getting better, and putting him in the Boppy helps. Plus, if he can get a hand or arm near his mouth, it keeps him happy for a few extra minutes.

As you can see from this last picture, it doesn't last for long.


Debbie's said...

my word, he is darling! You guys make such beautiful kids! How's having 3 going? The first months can be grueling, but now it's so fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh Luann, my Harrison is doing the same thing. and Tummy "Torture" Time is so right on in describing the way our little ones feel about it. PS He's SUCH a cutie!