Monday, July 21, 2008

Buckin' Bronco

We had a lot of fun in Mesa last week! We did lots of stuff, and I know I ran the kids, and my mom, ragged. I'll probably post a few times about what we did, but it'll just have to happen when I have time.

We spent most of the week with my mom and dad, but we got to spend Saturday with Chad's family. The kids probably spent three hours in a small pool in the backyard with Grampa. It was the perfect size for them, especially Kiwi who has some fear of water. Here she is floating on her back, something I haven't been able to get her to do through 3 weeks of swim lessons.

G-man put $0.50 in Grampa's ear and got a ride. Do you think he has a future in bull riding ahead of him?

Grampa took a minute to hold the baby, but I think he enjoys the bigger ones more. They keep running and tire him out so he can sleep better at night

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