Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Roly Poly 3 month old

Mr. S is now 3 months old. I've traditionally taken naked pictures of my kids at 3 months, which is why he is without clothing. He is quite a happy little guy, always eager to smile at anyone who will say "hi". He is holding his head up very well, and loves to be in a sitting position. He also likes to stand up on his legs and bounce. He's learned to get his fists to his mouth, and sucks on his thumb every now and then, but not often enough to call him a thumb sucker yet. Chad is fighting hard to keep him from taking up that habit. He is officially weaned from his swing, since mommy couldn't use it in Mesa. He was worn out enough from all the craziness there that I don't think he even noticed. He likes to read books and has started putting toys in his mouth, although he really prefers just to be talked to. Kaylee asked the other day if we get to keep him forever. I asked her if she wanted to give him back, and she said "no because he is so cute." So I guess he's a keeper.

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Andy and Sara said...

He is SO cute. You should definitely keep him.