Friday, June 20, 2008

All Smiles!

Mr. S is 2 months old today. I finally caught him smiling on the camera. He has a great crinkly eyed smile that is super contagious. He is growing up really fast. He still sleeps in his swing for half the night, but is getting better at sleeping in the crib. He slept for 6 hours last night! He loves to lay on the floor and kick at toys hanging next to him. He loves to look at his mobile and gives the sweetest coos when he's happy.
He's really likes G-man, and will follow him around the room and give him the biggest smiles. G-man loves it, and responds by smiling and talking baby talk to him. There is nothing cuter than my little five your old talking to him like that.
Kiwi loves him too, although she is still learning to be gentle. We have to keep an eye on her because you never know if she's going to bounce him so high he almost falls out of his bouncy chair, or start swinging hard plastic toys at his face. But, she's always there to comfort him when he cries by giving him his binky or turning on the swing for him.
So, sorry to bore everyone with all the little memories that I love. I always forget too quickly what it is like when my babies are small

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Rulon and Toni said...

Those are the cutest pictures. Looks alot like me.