Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Father's Day to You!

This year for Father's Day we are hoping to start a new tradition. His birthday was the week before Father's Day and we did not feel like having cake or ice cream because we'd had tons of junk food the weekend before for Seth's blessing. So, we did the cake for Father's day with 6 candles (one candle for every year he's been a daddy). It was a lot of fun, especially since everyone got to blow out the candles. I think Chad loves June because its all about him.

I hope this can be a tradition for Father's Day. It's a day that often gets overlooked. In fact, Chad went off to meetings Sunday morning, and all the kids were up at 6:30am. So, I got out of bed and made French Toast for breakfast (I never make breakfast, we're a cold cereal family). We ate all the French Toast except for one, not even thinking to save some for Chad. On Father's Day, of all days. I think he was a little hurt. I'm glad I'd made the ice cream cake and had presents, or I would have felt really bad.

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