Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas in AZ Part 2: Tucson

We had to make a trip to Tucson. We still own our house there and needed to check on it. We also wanted to see our friends there. They were our second family. Although our family was only two hours away (vs. six by plane now), they were the ones we relied on day to day. I miss those friends and relationships. We spent ten years building those friendships and it has been hard not to have them so near any longer.

My good good friend Laurel was kind enough to let us crash at her house. She got a party together at a ranch she frequents with her kids. It was so good to see our favorite people again.

Again no group picture. I'm pretty sure someone took one. I need to start begging for copies.

The next day at church we caused quite the uproar walking into our old ward just a few minutes before the meeting was to start. I felt like a bit of a celebrity :) Again, so great to see so many friends and neighbors. I wish we could have stayed a while longer.

But it was time to go back to Mesa to see Chad's family.

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