Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in AZ Part 3: Chad's Family

Somehow we managed to arrange a trip at the same time as Chad's sister Ann. She, her husband David, and her two adorable twin girls flew in from Dallas the same week we were there. Last we saw these two girls they were not even a year old. Now they are talking, running, crazy two year olds. They are so adorable. It was great to be around them for a few days.

We spent the days doing what Chad's family loves to do. Hanging around the house, playing games, and eating food. We got the kids out mini golfing, and laser tagging, and nerf gun fighting. But mostly we just loved the time to be together talking and catching up. It was a great few days.

                                           Group shot of all the grandkids with G and G
Group shout with GAC. We love Great Aunt Cathy. Wrestling with George, the oldest and the favorite cousin.

It was a great trip. Too short, but fun. Until next time you crazy AZ people!

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