Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas in AZ Part 1: Luann's Family

 We went back to AZ for Christmas. It was a quick two week trip that we had to split three ways. Hectic, crazy, and not nearly long enough. We started out at Luann's parents, spent the weekend in Tucson, and then came back to the Phoenix area to see Chad's family.

It was great to get away from the cold. I didn't it suspect it to be so warm though! It was close to 80 when we flew in. Now I know why I never wore boots while in AZ. They're stifling!

In returning to AZ I found a new appreciation for it's wide open spaces. New England is very closed in. It's green, but with all those trees you can't see anything but the green.

The sky is so big and beautiful. And the mountains!  I've missed them.

We visited with Luann's family for a few days. We did some hiking, had a family gathering, took some family pictures. I have no pictures of any of us with family members. I need to do better about that in the future, especially since we'll only really be getting together every year or so.

We also drove out to see my brother and his brand new baby boy, Luann's nephew Austin. He's a cutie.

Then it was off to Tucson to see our adopted family down there.

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