Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Swimming in MA

Swimming in MA is a bit different than AZ. The pools are COLD! You don't spend a lot of time actually in the pool.  But it's warm enough that you need an occasional dip to keep the heat at bay. 

Our awesome friends the Hahns invited us a few times to join the Mormon mommy pool party. If you don't live in the town, you need an invite to attend. A bunch of LDS families go and hang for the day. It's cooler than being at home and all the kids get to hang with friends they usually only see on Sundays.

There was swimming, but there was also pool noodle fights, football games, lego building, and diving contests.  This was one of our favorite things we did during the summer.

 MR. S learned to swim to the steps

 J-Dub is a jumping fiend. Kiwi's pretty good at catching too.

G-man had a great time hanging with all the boys. I'm looking forward to next year already.

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