Monday, August 26, 2013

Kayaking the Concord River

 Of all our adventures this summer, this one was probably the craziest. Two moms, eight kids, kayaking down the river. I learned a lot about how my kids work together. G-man and Kiwi struggled, so we did a switcheroo in the middle, and things went much smoother. I sure didn't have it as tough as Tara who couldn't keep the 12 month old sitting to save her life. It was so pretty. We loved watching the bugs and looking for turtles. At the end we attempted to catch some fish in a net. We didn't succeed, but we sure had fun trying.
The troops, pre-launch
 My crew for the first leg. I love my little blonde boys!
 Kiwi and G-man struggling. There was some crying. Someone wasn't too found of continually running into the riverbank. I think when two are trying to steer at the same time you end up going in circles. Or maybe when two are trying to paddle and no one is steering.
 My new crew waving to our partners.
 G did an awesome job getting that boat back to the dock. He's a pretty tough guy.
Our partners in crime attempting to keep from taking a dunk in the river.

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