Friday, August 16, 2013

Trip To Maine

I have an awesome friend. Her name is Bekka and she's from Maine. She invited us to come home with her for a few days. Sometimes I wonder if people realize what it's like to add FOUR KIDS to your home. She and her parents were pretty brave to host us all. We had so much fun and I was super excited to add Maine to my list of states that we've visited out here.

We started out with Portland Head Light, the oldest lighthouse in Maine at the Head of Portland Harbor.
Right next to the Lighthouse is Fort Williams. The kids really enjoyed getting out of the car and exploring the Fort. Unfortunately, we couldn't go up in the lighthouse.
The Troops: M, J, S, G, E, K
The rest of the day was spent shopping and miniature golfing. A very busy day for the kids. Luckily, the next day was a beach day at Reid State Park. I have to say, this was an awesome beach. We spent most of the day at the lagoon finding snails and crabs. The water was perfect and the littles appreciated the lack of waves.

We skipped the ocean side as it was a bit crowded and the waves were high. Instead we took a quick trip down to the tide pools for the bigger two. They loved it! We couldn't stay for long and they were very disappointed. We definitely will have to make a trip back here with Chad in 2014.

First trip to main = Success!

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