Friday, May 24, 2013

Camping in Vermont

We went camping for Memorial Day. There are no pictures. We were miserable.  It rained.  Then it snowed.  We went home.  The end.

We should have know the trip would not be a good one when our tent went flying off the roof of our car and onto the interstate.  We were lucky to recover it. It rained all night Friday night.  It was cold and rainy the next morning.  We were hoping the rain would stop while we visited some place in Vermont.

We went here:

And we went here:

We were pretty lucky. While we were out doing our ice cream tour, the top of our tent blew off, soaking everything inside.  So we headed out.  Our friends who decided to wait it out left in the middle of the night when it started snowing.  So the next time we have a camping trip planned and the forecast consists of rain and cold weather, we will believe the meteorologists and stay home!

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