Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ragnar Cape Cod

Have you ever heard of Ragnar?  I had heard bits and pieces about it and knew it involved running, and vans, and a relay of some sort.  But really, I had no idea what was involved when a brand new Boston friend when she invited me to join her team.

Chad, being the researcher of the two of us started filling me in on what I had gotten myself into.  "You realize you will be running overnight?  This is going to take you two days." Oh well.  I want to be a runner and I realize if I never signed up to run in a race, I would never get passed the pain of the first mile. 

I trained and prepped and had a blast.  The cape was beautiful.  I made some awesome new friends.  I also learned that I should train a bit more next time.  That last leg was brutal.  Let's just say there were some tears involved. Next time at least I know it will hurt during the third leg.  Deal with it.
My first run.  I have to cross this bridge.

The view from the top of the bridge
The night run. Cool vest.

My night run was pretty scary. I had to run on a trail through the woods without van support.  I think I probably should have been more scared than I was. But I knew my van was looking out for me.  They even found the part where I had to run through the scary tunnel and ran through it with me.
Eleven of us waiting to cheer in Tara Saturday morning.

The ladies of van 2 halfway through the last leg.  We were pretty awesome
My last leg. I liked these cottages that were all named after flowers.

Last mile of the whole race.  I was runner 12.
Almost there...

 Definitely doing this again next year.  I'm planning to run a half marathon in September.  I guess I may have caught the runners bug.  Or at least realized I need some motivation to run beyond doing it to try and stay in shape.

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