Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day 2012 Edition

Father's Day is always fun. I love having one day that I don't have to work as hard for the kids, and get them to work for me. :)
Family around the party table!

This year, Luann out did herself. I love the usual treats (No cake! Yeah!) and little gifts of things that I need/want. This year, I mentioned about the local big box alcohol shop having a large selection of soda, she got a nice variety of root beer and related drinks. Some were good (normal root beer flavors, cream soda) and some were not really good at all (I'm looking at you, a chocolate soda called Coco Fizz). I was great fun pouring a little from each one for the kids. The best is always the gross ones, to get that priceless looks on their faces.
Selection of Sodas

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