Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Camping: why do we do this again?

We went camping.  It was fun...for the most part.  I want to list the pros and cons here to remind me why I do it, and maybe why I don't want to do it again.

Pros -
Weather: It's so much cooler on top of the mountain.  It's nice to be able to be outside in the middle of the day.
Freedom: Because of the cooler weather, the kids are free to roam around the campsite making forts, fording streams, and exploring all kinds of natural growing things.

 Hiking: I love to hike.  I love to force my kids to hike.  It's good for them. 

Kaylee was done.  We still had to go back down.
Beauty:  There is just something about the mountains that is just achingly beautiful.  I could sit and watch the aspens quake and listen to the water in the stream all day long.
Food: We eat good camping.  There's nothing quite like a fire roasted hot dog followed by s'mores. I put some effort into my meals, because if I have to suffer, at least I won't be hungry doing it.
Screen-free:  no video games, no ipads, no TV.  Lots of time to play games and explore
Family: Camping means being with family.  We loved the time to be with cousins.  

Cons -
Weather: it's much cooler on top of the mountain. Night time is not so pleasant in a tent.
Sleeping accommodations: We never bring enough blankets.  Our air mattress never stays blown up.  No one sleeps well.
Stuff:  you have to bring a lot of crap camping.  And you always forget something.  We were packed tight and still didn't bring everything we needed because we camped with my brother who was fully stocked.
Bathrooms:  Two words - pit toilets
Dirt: It's everywhere! 

I don't know what my final verdict is.  This tripped happened to be particularly bad because we had colds, which caused ear aches and restlessness at night. Camping is a whole lot of work and very little sleep.  But looking back at the pictures I love to see the beauty surrounding my dirty filthy kids.  If it was up to Chad - never again.  Left up to me...maybe.  As long as someone else comes with us.

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paul and lacy ebert said...

We are taking my nephews camping this next weekend, I dont know how paul talks me into stuff....wish us luck!! P.S. I bet you will go again, and Chad will be there! ;)