Monday, January 16, 2012

Chickens and Eggs

It is amazing how quickly chickens mature.  If you don't remember, this is what our chicks looked like at the beginning of September.  This is what they looked like by the middle of September: 

From left to right we have Pepper, Belina, and Snowball, with Paprika's rump in the background.
 Within two weeks they've lost most of their fluff and are starting to get a lot of feathers.

Here we have the end of October: 
From left to right, Pepper, Snowball, and Belina

 They now have all their feathers and are working on some nice combs up top. 
  By the end of November, we were having a bit too much fun.  Here are six chickens roosting (not by choice) on top of the climbing dome. 

Nutmeg on top with Pepper, Belina, and Paprika fromleft to right.  Snowball and Buffy are in the background. 

Just last week, we found the first chicky egg.  I love how small they are :)
Belina's egg with the store bought ones.
  Here it is all cooked up.  Our chicken's egg has a darker yoke than the store bought one.
 We love having chickens as pets. Some are more skittish than others, they don't mind stealing food from the kids if they can reach it, and they poop everywhere. On the plus side, we give us eggs, they never peck the kids and they're just plain funny.

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