Friday, January 13, 2012


In our home, 2011 may be known as the year we finally became pet owners.  Up until this past year, we had one pet, a goldfish, whom we've had since Seth was born. 

Then in March we bought this little guy for G-man.
 I should say little girl.  She doesn't croak, so that makes her a girl.  She's a White's tree frog.  Her name came from the book Gorky Rises by William Steig (G did an author study about him last year). She eats crickets and mealworms, so we've had to grow accustomed to handle insects that I used to be pretty squeamish about.  Now every time we find and catch a cricket in the house, it's exciting because that's one less cricket I have to buy from the pet store.

J-dub loves to hold Gorky and whenever she is out of the cage, holds his arm out so someone will put her there.  Here's a little video of them playing.

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