Saturday, September 10, 2011


We lovingly welcomed five new little ones into our home today...
Meet Pepper, Paprika, Snowball...and the other two still don't have names. After the mysterious* disappearance of one of our chickens last week, we felt it was time to add to the flock. Originally we were only getting four, but we couldn't resist getting one more. We're pretty sure we have a buff Brahma, Black Orpington, and White Leghorn. One is possibly a Rhode Island Red, and the last I have no idea. The lady we bought them was only guessing because she bought an egg laying pack, which is a variety of breeds that are all good egg layers. We're really excited to see what they grow into!

*the fate of Cinnamon is a mystery to the younger set. She escaped from the chicken run early one morning. By the time we came out around 6am, all we found were feathers in the yard and alley. According to the younger kids she flew out of the yard and went to live at someone else's house.


The Mannetts said...

I still say you should name one Billina! But maybe to stay with the spice theme you can call them Cumin and Cayenne!

Cameo said...

My friend's chicken just had babies and she is going to let us take a couple to play with for a couple weeks and then return them to her farm. Any tips? Baby chicks are just so cute!!!