Saturday, September 24, 2011

Farewell To Summer

Now that October is here, I feel a need to reminisce on the things we did during those hot, hot months.  We were busy with traveling, swimming, summer HW projects, spring cleaning and such. Here's a look into what I found important enough to actually hunt the camera down and snap a 
photo of it...
We ran hard in G-ma's backyard in UT.  Wow that grass is green!
We found some stinky cows at the family farm
G-man walked on the moon at the planetarium in SLC
JW lost his shorts.
JW's hair proving he napped hard!
We took a jeep tour in Sedona.  Chad was the driver.  Kiwi doesn't have much faith in her daddy.
We played with fire with G and G up north.
We caught tadpoles and grew them into frogs.  Then they died. 
We did some hiking among the red rocks.  Some were happier about it than others. 
We are always watching out for the garbage man.  Mr S's love is being passed on to the younger one.
 As much as I love the freedom of summer, I think I love the cooler weather more.  Welcome back Fall!  We missed you.

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Rulon and Toni said...

Thanks for letting us be apart of your summer fun.