Sunday, January 31, 2010

A day with Friends

Yesterday, G-man, Kiwi, and Mr S got to spend an entire day with another family's kids. The parents had to be out of town for various reasons, so their three kids stayed at our house for the day. And, those three kids are almost the same ages as ours.

It was a beautiful day outside, and much of the day was spent outside. Using the new climbing dome, they built a nice little fort. There was so much room, the fort was complete with a kitchen, an area for the pets, and a parking space. Of course, there was plenty of sitting areas. Oh, did I mention that the food was both real lunch, and a big pot of mud soup, with a touch of sand. And, the best part was that the pets were termites from the yard. Fun for all!

And, the highlight was the cool afternoon snack of Rainbow gelatin!

Post Script: Today at church, in talking with the Dad of the friends, we found out that not an hour after the kids got home (at around 7 PM), they were fast asleep. And, they didn't get up until 7 AM. We wore them out.


Luann said...

Who need a dog when you have termites?

TrishAnderson said...

Nice. Sounds like it was a great day of friends.