Friday, October 30, 2009

Primary Problems

Last Sunday at church the kids were in charge. Once a year the primary children (ages 3 to 11) present a program in the main meeting where everyone takes the sacrament. They get to sit in the seats on the stand and speak a little part in the microphone. This year's theme was focused on the family.

This was Kiwi's first year participating. She is a bit shy and had a hard time. A few weeks ago she was assigned a prayer during one of the practices in the chapel, which meant saying the prayer into the big microphone. She got about two sentences in and ended up crying in my arms. G-man had to finish for her. When the time came for the presentation she said her part, although her fear overcame her at the end causing her to mumble the last few words and end up crying in her seat. Thank goodness for her fabulous teacher who came over and cuddled her while she overcame her nerves. It broke my heart to see her upset, but I was so proud that she did it! When assigned a talk in primary a few months ago she would say a word in the microphone. Baby steps.

This was G's 4th program and he's a pro. He was part of a small group of boys who sang a verse of one of the songs. They all wore suits (without even planning it), and it was the coolest thing to see. Personally I love when it gets cold so I can dress my boys in their suits. Burlington Coat factory is a fabulous place.


TrishAnderson said...

Way to go Kiwi! G-man is looking so dasher in his suit. I have already purchased a few for Brendon, for when he gets older. I can hardly wait to put them on him. I had to follow your example there. I always loved the way G-man looked in his so when I saw some, I jumped on them - even though my guy was only 12 months at the time!

lyz's world said...

so handsome and pretty!!!! love BCF also.

Rulon and Toni said...

Thanks for the wonderful time with them.