Friday, October 23, 2009

Lucky 7

October is a fun month for our family. The decoration come out and then we have birthdays. First mine and then G-man's. Mine is always trumped by G's birthday, which is fine by me. Kids get much more excited about birthdays than adults anyway. Now that I'm a year away from my 30th birthday I need to start planning. Maybe Disneyland with all the college dorm girls. Maybe New York with Chad. It might depend on whether or not we buy the dining room table we've had our eyes on. Although, who am I kidding. My birthday will be trumped again next year. Big time.

G-man turned 7 on Tuesday. I don't know what's more crazy, me turning 30 next year, or G turning 8. How is it possible that my oldest child is 7? It just blows my mind. He's a full blown kid now. I have to let him deal with the mean kids on his own. I see many of the insecurities I remember having at that age. It makes me think that to a large extent our social makeup is genetic. Sure, there's an influence that nurture plays, but it seems it's in my kid's nature to be shy and terrified of getting in trouble. He's a bit of a perfectionist too. At least when it comes to following the rules. I'm afraid all this rule following as a child will lead to massive rebellion in teenage-hood. Or I can turn off all my mommy fear and be grateful for an awesome kid who seems to be on his way to being quite successful in life.


Carly said...

I'm sorry, there is a button to turn of the mommy worry? WHERE IS IT LOCATED!? Why did no one tell me this sooner!?

Shawna said...

He looks so old!!!! I remember feeling him kick in your stomach!

Happy Birthday to you both!

Rulon and Toni said...

I will still count on of the greatest blessing of my life, holding Gregory when he was just a couple days old while you slept a few hours Luann. He is a blessing and joy.